Research and development

The Research & Development department is always up-to-date for a continuous improvement. Thanks to our commitment we are a point of reference in the sector.


Partner research centers




Hours/man per R&S projects

Continuous evolution


Collaborations with universities, high schools and research centers for product optimization and for the development of innovative projects.


Use of advanced software and innovative technologies for the development of customized solutions in order to guarantee high performance and reliability.


Registration of international trademarks and patents to protect the intellectual property of Kw and our customers’ work.


Reliability tests conducted virtually and in extreme real conditions that ensure an optimal operation throughout the entire life cycle of the products.

Quality controls

Compliance with quality standards, also with international certifications. Refer to our certifications for further details.

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Our certifications

At KW, quality is a fundamental value for the continuous improvement of products and processes. The numerous certifications, including medical devices, are the result of the commitment to satisfy even the most demanding customers.