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KW: for more 60 years in biomedical and scientific research

KW supplies appliances, installations, and services for cold chain and thermostation; used in the biomedical, scientific research and industrial sectors.

Incubator thermostats, climatic chambers, refrigerated incubators, water baths, warm rooms

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Freezers, refrigerators, ice makers, cold rooms, portables, refrigerators-freezers

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(medical devices)
Blood Banks, freezers for plasma, rapid freezers for plasma, bag defreezers, incubators and agitator for platelets, cold rooms

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Dryer desiccator cabinet, thermostatic oven and sterilizers

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KW Vision

KW's reference values are truth, integrity, coherence, enthusiasm, spirit of initiative and community support. KW’s management has the objective of developing an empowerment such that KW becomes a HPO (highly performing organization), capable of designing and producing equipment in a safe manner, with utmost and maximum flexibility and creativity, so as to support the community and to offer its contribution to the biomedical and scientific process, in order to improve health and human conditions.

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News from KW



Project co-financed under Tuscany POR FESR 2014-2020 - Download PDF


Project co-financed within the framework of the POR FESR Toscana 2014-2020 - Download PDF


Project by KW Apparecchi Scientifici Srl, financed with the tender "Aid to micro, small and medium enterprises for the support of internationalization processes" DD 6684/2014 Line of action 3.4.2 of the POR CreO Fesr 2014-2020 - Download PDF


R&D Project in partnership aimed at the development of an innovative rapid freezer to automate and robotize the freezing of plasma pockets in transfusion units, with the approach to Industry 4.0 - See all