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KW operates worldwide in the design and construction of a wide range of products with operating temperatures between -125°C and +300°C, equipped with intelligent connection for integration according to IoT / Industry 4.0

Technological Complexity

Continuous research and development with universities, laboratories, research centers and foundations for the development of solutions always at the forefront in terms of performance, reliability and intelligent connectivity in line with Industry 4.0.

High Performance

Equipment that guarantees high uniformity, stability and rapid temperature recovery, disaster recovery devices for maximum storage safety, energy saving, ergonomic solutions and advanced sensors.

Customized products

Design and production customized on request. Design and manufacture of products, including large volume equipment, intended for other product sectors.

Technical Support

After-sales technical assistance with over 10 years-stocking of original spare parts. Scheduled maintenance to minimize operating costs and prevent machine downtime. Warranty extension.

High reliability, wide range, temperature management technology also in other industrial fields.

The company has an important long-time experience with the scientific equipment, medical device certification with a large network of sales and service centers.




Possible configurations



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Products and plants

KW designs and implements specific technological solutions to satisfy the treatment chain, with customized product lines.



Incubators and climatic chambers for biological, medical, clinical and veterinary laboratories, agro-food, pharmaceutical and biotechnology tests.
Temperature range: from 0°C to +70°C.

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Cold rooms, low and very low temperature refrigerators and freezers for the storage of perishable products, reagents, biological materials and drugs.
Temperature range: from -90°C to +4°C

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Cold rooms, freezers, blood bank refrigerators, incubators, agitators and thawers for the storage of blood and blood products. Dir.93/42/CE certified devices.
Temperature range: from -86°C to +37°C

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Devices for heating, drying, sterilization, thermal tests, etc., also available with forced air convection.
Temperature range: from +30°C to +300°C.

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Cold, hot and thermostatic chambers with temperature and humidity control and photoperiod management, also for the storage of blood and plasma (Dir. 93/42/CE). Temperature range: from -40°C to +60°C

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Design and implementation of customized integrated solutions for specific needs in the biomedical and industrial sector. Product development in collaboration with universities and research centers.

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Our certifications

At KW, quality is a fundamental value for the continuous improvement of products and processes. The numerous certifications, including medical devices, are the result of the commitment to satisfy even the most demanding customers.