Project Eureca

KW APPARECCHI SCIENTIFICI SRL. Project co-financed under Tuscany POR FESR 2014-2020

The EUREKA project, which saw the collaboration between the company "KW Apparecchi scientifici" and the "PIN Scrl", arose from the company's need for innovation in the design and optimization of its products in terms of energy and environment. The company was involved in various phases of the project, and the internal staff and consultants of Pin Scrl were coordinated by the Project Manager Ing. Stefano Fabiani. The company's products are freezing and storage systems at temperatures ranging from -30 ° C to -85 ° C and are built using the operating principles of steam compression cycles. The activities carried out in the EUREKA project focused on the study of a specific KW product, the K64, a steam-compression freezer, consisting of two distinct thermodynamic cycles, with a cascade circuit, these cycles are interconnected at the inter-stage exchanger.

The activities of the EUREKA project were carried out both with a numerical and experimental approach and were aimed at achieving the set objectives:

  • Thermodynamic definition of system operation
  • Increase of the design capacity of the company thanks to the development of a numerical model
  • Verification of the applicability of hydrocarbon based refrigerant mixtures in very low temperature systems, in line with European directives and international regulations
  • Reduction of electricity consumption and energy costs of use
  • Reduction of environmental impact and CO2 emissions
  • Increase in system performance

EURECA ottimizzazionE di un Ult bio-stoRage per incrementare la prEstazione energetiCA