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Our Story

Some of our story... 1953 – 2008

From 1953 to the '90s

The company was founded in 1953; and the two adjectives cold/hot, kalt/warm gave birth to the company’s acronym KW. The founding members added “Officine Meccaniche “ (Mechanical Workshop) to the acronym which means a workshop that constructs appliances for cold or hot, based on electromechanical technologies.

In 1961 KW built the first –85°C horizontal freezer, double stage, with expansion by means of a thermostatic valve, using R13 in the first stage. This was almost readily equipped with a reserve machine, in stand by for maximum safety of the stocked material and this will be a particular characteristic of KW.

In the 60s KW started the production of the W and W/R thermostatic chambers.

In 1970 KW built the first –85°C horizontal freezer, double stage, with expansion by means of a capillary tube, using R503 in the second stage.

At the end of the 70s, KW started the production of –85°C vertical freezers, double stage, with expansion by means of evaporative plates, a solution characterized by high refrigerant efficiency and even used, successively, by other producers.

In 1985 KW Apparecchi Scientifici S. r. l. was founded, and it progressively substituted the Officine Meccaniche (Mechanical Workshop), at the beginning in the commercialization of products with the KW trademark and then totally taking over all the production activities (1991).

In 1990 KW built the first biological bank, an exclusive, until now, of KW. This is the safest solution for stocking at –85°C of particularly valuable biological material. Brand “BANCA BIOLOGICA -85°C®” is exclusive and registered by KW.

In 1995 the company passed under the complete control of the Fabiani family that initiated an intense technological development process which has conveyed the company to its actual prestigious state.

In 1996 KW was the first European company to use the innovative HFC refrigerant, R508B, which substituted R23, with relevant advantages witnessed in reliability and performance in the –85°C installations.

Since 2000 to today

In 2001 KW developed the Medical Project (proprietary brand) small biological refrigerators which were conceived and built for hospital and research laboratories, distribution pharmacies, hospitalization units and private nursing homes. This series, for the quality of instrumentation and for the variety of solutions it offers, is unique for its type in Italy.

In 2003, KW renovated the thermofluidodynamic installation of the W- WR –LAB series, the ventilated incubators, and that of the incubators with thermal water flywheel, producing solutions managed entirely by PID, exalting in this manner the stability characteristics during thermostation.

In the last several years, KW’s proprietors have strengthened the design, research and development functions, by producing new series of appliances, always trying to fulfill the scientific and technical needs of its clients. It has furthermore set up activities such as global service for its clients: not only with regards to manufacturing and installation but also post sale service, consultancy in IQ (installation qualification) and OQ (operational qualification) activities, in tele-management, etc.

In 2005 KW begun the production of a new series of –85°C freezers, the Premium Line, with its innovative NEW ICE AGE KW CONTROL ®, that represents a step forward in the management of double stage refrigeration technology: management that bears in mind the future and marked by exceptional reliability and complete integration of the manufacturing, control, exertion and maintenance activities, in tuning with the most advanced principles of quality, generally speaking.

In 2006 the NEW ICE AGE KW CONTROLs have been set up for installation in all series of freezers and refrigerator of the Blu Line. In this manner KW offers more advanced controls than the actual ones therefore satisfying laboratories needs that work under high quality procedures and/or according to GMP standards, etc., allowing higher reliability and less energy consumption, thanks to its excellent operative flexibility.

The intense engineering activity, in addition to the highest productive level, has permitted significant and continuous innovation of the product, and has also reinforced the capacity of the company to communicate with its clients.

In this third millennium, KW produces and distributes thousands of appliances of different types and all with an added value each year, using procedures conforming to the ISO 9001:2000 standard and in full respect and safeguarding of the environment and safety of the user.

In 2006, a new horizontal freezer was produced, -85°C, for speedily freezing plasma in transfusion centres. The freezer works by thermal transmission by contact between the bag and the cold wall. This solution allows for: easy manipulation of the bags during the loading and unloading operations of the bags; a complete graphic video registration of the freezing plane, via a graphic video recorder using a bar optical reader, with the possibility of writing using the on board keyboard. Interfacing the freezer with the network via an Ethernet card, or flash memory, etc. etc. Finally, several freezing sessions are possible per day, thanks to the power of the refrigerating installation that allows for short pull down and recovery times, an advantage to the quality of the frozen plasma.

R & D: KW is dedicating a lot of attention to research and development, mostly in relation to the high quality of its products and to their energetic efficiency and to their environmental impact

At its headquarters in Monteriggioni (SI), there is a functioning environmental simulation chamber for evaluating, with the assistance of special software, the performance and the consumption of the appliances produced by KW, in order to measure all the indicative parameters of the refrigerators and its energy efficiency, for example: COP, power yielded, power absorbed, isentropic efficiency of the compressor, heat transmission coefficients, etc.

The climatic chambers, furthermore, permit the evaluation and experimentation of new technological solutions and carrying out of tests etc.

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