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KW Scientific Instruments

KW Mission

KW supplies appliances, installations, and services for cold chain and thermostation; used in the biomedical, scientific research and industrial sectors. The clients’ needs and trends lead to innovation, proposal of new products and services.
KW management and personnel both strive at treating its clients with generosity, availability, respect, integrity and comprehension. KW would like that its clients feel respected and catered for and that they are conscious that KW is a very important place.

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Technology & innovation

KW Apparecchi Scientifici is a company composed of people and technicians who live and work for designing ad constructing machines for refrigeration and incubation, or rather machine the use cold and heat.

Currently, KW Apparecchi Scientifici is a company that, in this sector, is a key player in the Italian and European markets.

KW’s activities are characterized by continuous improvement in research, both in terms of processes and products. In this context the company:

  • collaborates with its clients and third party certifying firms, regarding safety and the designated end use of its appliances, even with the scope of receiving specific product certification
  • designs and develops new models
  • has instituted a job team dedicated to research and development, which operates in verifying performance (stability and uniformity of T and UR %), energy consumption, eco compatibility, with particular attention to the latest technology regarding refrigerants and energy regulation

With this in mind, the company’s proprietors have destined financial and instrumental resources, enough for sustaining the ambitious program mentioned above, and which has the following main objectives:

  • reduce energy consumption (architecture of the structures, isolation, control system, etc.)
  • reduction of the losses of refrigerant (sealed off installations, soldering, etc.)
  • reduction of the losses of refrigerant (using monoblock, etc.)
  • tests in laboratory of new refrigerants with low GWP
  • organizing procedures and instructions for the recovery of refrigerants and their recycling
  • attentive application of the F-gas regulation
  • promotion of knowledge exchange with all the other operators: clients, suppliers, various firms, etc.

KW Today; Dynamism & flexibility

A continuously growing company with objectives of great foresight

Started in 1953 and characterized by an acronym containing the “kalt/warm” binomial “cold/warm” in German, KW Apparecchi Scientifici is a company that is a market leader in both the national and international markets in the design and production of machines for refrigeration and incubation, fundamental processes in the development of scientific research, in particular in the biomedical sector.

After several changes in the business name and after an important series of producing innovative and pioneer products, like the first biological bank, which is still exclusive to the company, in 1995 KW became under the complete control of the Fabiani family, and thanks to the important investments in technological development, the company has grown to its present level.

The company, certified ISO 9001:2000, can in fact boast of having an intense engineering activity and very high productive flexibility.
One should only consider the fact of the operative temperature range of between -125°C and +300°C – permitting the continuous innovation of the product.

In addition to the bottle rotators and the blue series, grey and green dedicated to the freezers, sterilized heaters and incubators, KW also develops a series called the Pharmaline catering for the needs of hospitals and for pharmaceutical distribution, the Bloodline series for the blood bank and transfusion sectors – the new rapidfreezer for plasma comes to mind, that permits the production of higher quality hemoderivatives - the Medical Project, unique in Italy and dedicated to research laboratories, to pharmaceutical distribution and to the hospitalization units and private nursing homes, and the KW Engineering series, for custom solutions.

Our products' lines

Greenline Blueline Bloodline Redline

KW is pursuing a mission directed towards bettering the quality of life, therefore it cannot remain insensible to environmental themes and to the rules sanctioned by the Kyoto Protocol for Companies that is dynamically and strongly coming to effect, this assists in having the highest level of technology and the use of finest quality of materials in a wide range of services after sale that go from the hot -line to consultancy in IQ (installation qualification) and OQ (operational qualification) activities, up to tele-management (wired e wireless) and to any other activity that may benefit the client

KW has the following daily objectives:

  • rapidity and completeness of information;
  • promptness of the assistance service and in sending of spare parts;
  • use of high quality and certified materials and components;
  • high level of technology used in design and production
  • enthusiasm for the job
  • offer a tangible contribution, with the dedication of its resources, in bettering the quality of life, the advancement of biological sciences, creating a cleaner world, a saner population and having better nourishment