Brand products are found in Italian University Laboratories and in research and production centres of pharmaceutical companies for 60 years.
Today, KW Scientific Instruments Srl is the company that owns this prestigious brand, now a vital part of the Italian tradition in biomedical and scientific research.

KW ENGINEERING is the division of KW Scientific Instruments that deals with design and production of air-conditioning, thermostatting and refrigeration products and systems for biotechnology, medicine, pharmacy, refrigeration and scientific research in general.
This is part of customer service: from initial consulting services to the creation of an idea, from the choice of the best raw materials and the most reliable electromechanical and electronic components to prototyping, from tests and trials on the prototype to the planning of the manufacturing process; from compilation of manuals and I.Q. (Installation Qualification) and O.Q. (Operational Qualification) procedures to technical service for the end user.
Through the experience obtained after more than half a century of hard work and a large technological heritage, know-how and qualified human resources

KW ENGINEERING is able to design and manage the construction of machines and systems that satisfy different needs mainly in the pharmaceutical industry and scientific research and hospital laboratories, also in the mechanical and electronics industry. KW ENGINEERING makes use of the most advanced information technology (especially CAD tools for mechanical and electrical design) and applies – within the company – the ISO 900:000 International Quality standards.
KW staff work as a team to create an unsurpassed innovative engineering and marketing programme for our products, aimed at satisfying the client while safeguarding the future of the company.
This allows a constant, prompt interaction with suppliers and clients and guarantees a type of activity directed to the safety of products, operators and the environment.

KW ENGINEERING‚ offers a wide range of special appliances: special low-temperature freezers, special refrigerators, walk-in cold and warm rooms, laboratory and production thermostatting baths, incubators, air-conditioned cabinets, with different controlled parameters.
For the pharmaceutical sector, KW ENGINEERING pursues a plan that conforms to the standards indicated by GMP regulations, with particular reference to equipment: design, installation, construction, cleaning and maintenance, automatic and electronic machine devices. KW ENGINEERING is able to provide a documentation for validation protocols: Installation Qualification (IQ), Operational Qualification (OQ), Performance Qualification (PQ). The ACTIVITIES are indicated below, together with the description of some of the most significant products and systems.